Alexander Palmer

Founder & Artistic Director

"My personal mission is to give audience members experiences they have never had before. To see their city and how they live in a new light."

Alexander has an extensive knowledge of site-based and immersive performance. He has worked with both Internationally-renowned company Punchdrunk (The Drowned Man, 2013) and BAFTA-nominated You Me Bum Bum Train (2012).

Riptide's Artistic Director, Alexander, has gone on to make work internationally in the US, as well as produced a number of UK based performances. These range from large scale immersive performances (SWARM and The Dream), to interactive and personal, one on one performances set throughout a city centre (YOU ARE HERE), to smaller, intimate pieces such as 'Behind Closed Doors' and 'Travel/Lodge'.

He has also collaborated outside of Riptide's portfolio with exciting professionals such as Lord Whitney, directing 'The Wood Beneath The World' and David Shearing, assisting on 'The Weather Machine'.

Alexander Palmer headshot.jpg