Anna Turzynski

Associate Producer

Anna is an independent arts producer currently living and working in Leeds. As well as being Riptide's Associate Producer, Anna facilitates a number of artists’ work including Ellie Harrison of The Grief Series. She also works forCompass Live Art FestivalA Quiet Word , The Arctic Bazar and Unlimited Theatre. Her expertise lies in site-specific, interactive and unconventional performance work. Anna finds herself working on large scale public events such as Light Night and professional development initiative The Producer School.  

From the Artist:

As a producer I facilitate art, whether that means managing a project, sourcing funding or supporting an artist, whatever it takes. I welcome the chance to meet as many creatives as possible, so even if you have a couple of questions or you are in need of someone to manage a whole project feel free to get in touch.  My expertise lies in site-specific, interactive and unconventional art work, mainly because thats what I enjoy. In my eyes, a major part of producing is genuinely adoring the projects you support. My background is in contemporary theatre but nothing excites me more than when art forms collide, collaboration is never boring.
A focus of mine is bringing culture out of traditional spaces and into the public realm. I am fascinated by space and the effect it has on art or visa-versa. More specifically I am interested in developing new and unconventional audiences for work in liberated settings.

I decided to become a producer by accident. I had always become totally immersed in a project, been unnecessarily organised and surrounded myself with people who were passionate about what they did, but I only realised this could be a job after I graduated. The arts community in Leeds has been very welcoming and I really love what I do.    

As a producer, I believe that I have a duty to any artist I work with. It is my job to nurture your creativity, maintain your mental well-being and facilitate the most amazing work possible. I strive to spin all these plates whilst maintaining a work-life balance for both parties and I will let you know when I figure out how to do that.