So what is an Odyssey?

An Odyssey is a bespoke and carefully curated experience for your player. It is the gift of an experience that your friend or loved one will never forget. For one day they become the star of the show, they get to be the centre of their very own Truman Show.

We take care of everything from scouting locations and restaurants, to creating puzzles and hiring agents. We can create this experience with little direction or a lot of direction if you have something specific in mind.

Our team will run the day, hiding clues, liaising with businesses, coordinating agents, creating challenges, and of course fun puzzles with twists and turns!

How long will it last?

This is entirely up to you, but we recommend somewhere in between 4-6 hours. From our experience, most adventurers get pretty tired. If we need to make it longer, I like to make sure there is some form of relaxation midway through. Bottom line is I can make them an hour long or days long. It's all up to you.

How much does it cost?

After a free phone consultation I send the client a written proposal which breaks down the entire budget and details. We like to keep pricing very simple.

We charge a flat rate for an Odyssey and then add an adventure budget for all other costs. The flat rate is for us to build the adventure. It pays for the weeks leading up to the Odyssey, the long hours spent hand writing or encoding clues, working with business owners, and polishing the details. 

The Odyssey budget covers how elaborate you want the details to be. Do you want your adventure to be on a train? A cruise? A remote holiday destination? Would you like a private driver? A Helicopter? Do you want actors involved or would you like it simple? Your budget dictates the scope and scale.

If you want your player to stop at a shop or restaurant and be greeted at the door and ushered in to shop or eat, I cover the amount beforehand and charge you what was spent at cost. The client pays a deposit to reserve the date and the balance is due after the adventure is over. 

I never go over budget and the client is always aware of the total cost. 

Fill out the contact form, or reach out via email - whichever you prefer.

Where do I get started?

Yes! Of course we can, this form of experience suits any size group or occasion. Our background is in immersive theatre and we have a track record making bespoke journeys for people.

Your Odyssey could be as simple as an interactive treasure hunt in your city, or as complex as “you are now an undercover agent, you must infiltrate this building without detection.”.

Can you make an Odyssey for just me?

I would recommend booking at least a few weeks in advance. There’s quite a few steps that need to happen before the first envelope is dropped and the adventure kicks off! Adventures are never built in just one day!

Although I do have spaces open in my calendar, I have spots booked as far as fall 2019 and things tend to fill up fast. Reach out and reserve a date today!

How far in advance should I book?

Nothing in life is perfect. That being said, there are a lot of things we do to ensure each Odyssey goes smoothly.

The entire day has been broken down to the minute on a detailed spreadsheet, you will get this before the day starts.

Before the start of the Odyssey, a GPS tracker is placed on the player to help monitor, and there are eyes on the player at almost every stop. If the adventure starts at 11 am and the proposal happens at 5pm, we will make sure they will be there!

What if something goes wrong?