Sophie Dumont


Sophie is an independent artist and creative writer living in Leeds and working around Yorkshire & Somerset. As well as being resident writer for Riptide, writing for YOU ARE HERE and SWARM. Sophie sells her artwork in galleries and shops, runs workshops, and has worked with Pyramid of Arts, A Quiet Word, The Tetley, Finn, and Somewhereto_,  

From the Artist:

Having a balance of making and writing is very important to me and I try to combine the two wherever possible.

I aim to make my work active, whether that is by making a poem an interactive experience, having actors transform a script, or simply writing with an active language. Engaging the more senses in a form, the better. I’m attracted to too many art forms to narrow myself to one. Wire and words are similar in so far as they are both skeletal and have the ability to outline something familiar, whilst allowing the audience to project their imagination onto them. I aim to estrange the reader, or audience, to make them experience the familiar in a playful, new way.

Coming from a background of parents that both work with severe learning difficulties and mental health issues, interactivity and sensory experiences fascinate me. I think it very important to incorporate a raw, sensory engagement in work to immerse the audience as much as the work suits. Getting back to something visceral and tangibly stimulating is vital to me in such a screen-led society.