Sophie Dumont

Photography by Paul Blakemore @BLIKMO


Sophie is a writer and artist from Leeds and Bath. After graduating in English from the University of Exeter she moved to Leeds and wrote immersive productions, YOU ARE HERE and SWARM.

As well as words, Sophie worked with wire and sold her sculptures in galleries and shops around Yorkshire. She was a workshop facilitator for Grimm & Co., championing the writer in every child and worked with Alison Andrews, Matthew Bellwood and a group Pyramid of Arts to create an installation representing Holbeck in the Tetley gallery.

Sophie moved back to Bath to complete a Creative Writing Masters at Bath Spa University in 2018.  She let life events during the MA year infiltrate her poetry collection, including the birth of her niece, break-ups, an anniversary of a partner’s death and a residency along the Avon. Sophie performs her poetry around the Southwest.

In 2019 Sophie wrote her third production for Riptide, SONDER, which is a binaural video walk through Leeds.

Her work has been published in The Interpreter’s House, short-listed by Bare Fiction and Highly Commended by Poetry School and Nine Arches Press. She was also chosen to become one of two Bristol Boat Poets 2018. Her writing is rich in sensory fusion with plenty of prose poetry and personal confessions as a young woman.

Photography by Paul Blakemore @BLIKMO

Photography by Paul Blakemore @BLIKMO

From the Artist:

Having a balance of making and writing is very important to me and I try to combine the two wherever possible.

I aim to make my work active, whether that is by making a poem an interactive experience, having actors transform a script, or simply writing with an active language. Engaging the more senses in a form, the better. I’m attracted to too many art forms to narrow myself to one. Wire and words are similar in so far as they are both skeletal and have the ability to outline something familiar, whilst allowing the audience to project their imagination onto them. I aim to estrange the reader, or audience, to make them experience the familiar in a playful, new way.

Coming from a background of parents that both work with severe learning difficulties and mental health issues, interactivity and sensory experiences fascinate me. I think it very important to incorporate a raw, sensory engagement in work to immerse the audience as much as the work suits. Getting back to something visceral and tangibly stimulating is vital to me in such a screen-led society.