April 2016.
Leeds, UK.


This is not a club night. 

This is not theatre. 

This is something new


SWARM was an immersive experience set within an hedonistic nightclub, where every night was a brand new beginning.

Audience members stepped into the spotlight, danced and drank with performers, as the narrative unfolded around them.
This is a club that reacts to the people within it, audience members directly impacted on the performance, from the colour of the lights to the prices of the drinks at the bar.


Audience Feedback:

‘A totally surreal evening that I will remember every time I go out, an amazing, fun night out!’

‘I forgot it was theatre’

‘It was like stepping into another world’

‘It was entering my own film, I was part of the action without knowing how I got there.’

‘I don’t like going to the theatre, I find it quite self-indulgent and it has an air of pompousness about it. SWARM was the antidote to all of that feeling. This is a theatre piece for everyone.’

‘I enjoyed having the one-to-one moments with the characters. The thrill of not knowing who the actors are is that you have no idea when just a causal conversation with someone will turn into a ‘performance’.’

'Like playing a video game, being in a film and on stage all at the same time'

‘I lost the story but the story found me’


SWARM programme:
(For the full programme click here)

Artistic Director - Alexander Palmer

Producer - Anna Turzynski

Writer - Sophie Dumont

Technical Manager - Natalie McLoughlin

Sound Designer - Will Wadham

Choreographer - Becs Scanlon

Assistant Director - Zosh Skowronska

Assistant Producer - Bethan Mullins


Wiebke Acton, Karla Farrar, Cornelius Geaney Jr, 
Jacob Justice, Amelie Leroy, India Thompson