The Lucky Ones: Lucy

March 2018. 
Leeds, UK.


Game-changing theatre company, Riptide, have created a groundbreaking new form of theatrical experience.

Step into an immersive adventure that augments your surroundings for a month. The Lucky Ones is a new form of experience for one audience member at a time.

This experience is part theatre, part video game, part escape room.

It starts with something being delivered to your home, and from there the narrative unfolds.


The Lucky Ones: Lucy  ran throughout the month of March.

The Lucky Ones is the feeling you get when queuing for a rollercoaster, it is that gripping series you devour in a week, and that podcast you tell all your friends about. It is surprising. It is magical. It is unexpected

Where your city becomes the backdrop and your choices directly influence your story. You become the hero in your own narrative as your decisions blur the boundaries of reality and fiction.


What have previous audience members said?

It was like I was in my own Truman show.
— Audience member, March 2018
I became obsessed. It was the best month of my life!
— Audience member, March 2018
The Lucky Ones was amazing! I became aware of my city and the way I live my life in a totally new way.
— Audience Member, March 2018.
I was the main character in my own real-life video game. It was totally enthralling.
— Audience member, March 2018

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, and in partnership with Theatre in the Mill, Bradford.