The Director’s Diary

This podcast is simple, every week I’m going to share my personal diary with you. I want to give you an open-source insight into what it’s like to make work as an artist, as a director - what it is really like.

We almost always hear from people who have achieved success but their stories are told at the end, once they have achieved whatever it is they do; building a business, achieving sporting success or being a world-class artist. Very rarely do we get an insight into the process.

This is not scripted, this is direct from my diary. I have no agenda. I am not selling anything. This is about being open and honest and sharing my struggles and the difficulties I face on a day-to-day basis and how I look to overcome them.

My name is Alex Palmer, this is the Director’s Diary. It’s no one’s intention to share a diary, so if you’re listening to this keep it close and use it well.


Chapter One

How to Start


Chapter Two


Chapter Three

Personal Finance

Chapter Four

Becoming a Writer

Chapter Five

Plagiarism vs Inspiration

Chapter Six

Touring Bin Laden, Edinburgh Fringe
& Working with venues.