The Lucky Ones: Lailah

Lucky Ones Lailah Logo-01.png
Lucky Ones Lailah Logo-01.png

The Lucky Ones: Lailah


Step into an immersive adventure that augments your surroundings. 

This experience is part theatre, part video game, part escape room.

To become part of this experience, click the button below, fill in the form and head to checkout.
We request that audience members have good availability on the following dates; 29th September, either the Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th October (approx. 1 hour) and Saturday 13th or Sunday 14th October. (approx. 1 hour).

Please make sure you have read the FAQs before buying a ticket.

[A £1 booking fee will be added per ticket]

Become A Lucky One

The Lucky Ones is the feeling you get when queuing for a rollercoaster, it is that gripping series you devour in a week, and that podcast you tell all your friends about. It is surprising. It is magical. It is unexpected.

We understand that £50 can seem a big investment, especially for something that isn’t totally clear what you’re getting into. But this is more than a single night out at the theatre, this is a chance to partake in a unique, fortnight-long immersive experience.

The experience will run from 29th September - 14th October 2018. Audience members must be based within travelling distance to Leeds. Please make sure you have read the FAQs before buying a ticket.