October 2012
Exeter, Devon.

'Travel/Lodge' was a site-responsive piece performed in a hotel room. This piece explored notions of autobiography, interactivity and intimacy. This one-to-one experience was designed to give the audience member an intimate and bespoke experience within a homogenous space. The piece focused on the audience’s own time and life, allowing for moments of rest and contemplation away from their busy lives.

The piece is influenced by Ellie Harrison’s The Grief Series and Adrian Howells’ intimate work. 


Travel/Lodge magically transported me to distinct times in my life, it was nostalgic, profound and playful.
— Phil Smith, theatre-maker, Wrights & Sites.
It touches, fascinates and even frightens by delving into the deepest minutiae of love-relationships through the lens of human subjectivity.
— ***** Exposé
The show leaves you with endless thoughts, feelings and questions, not only about the performance but also about human nature.
— ***** — Razz Magazine Exeter