March 2015.
Leeds, UK.

“Let us go then you and I”

YOU ARE HERE at the heart of your city, as its undiscovered stories and secrets unfold around you.

Set in multiple locations across Leeds, Riptide offers a new way to look at ourselves and our relationship to others, allowing us to be mindful and to reflect upon our place within the world.

Revel in the fleeting moments of the everyday, as you journey through the secret lives of strangers, uncovering the hidden city, which lies beneath.

“A city does not tell its past, but contains it like the lines of a hand, written in the corners of the streets.”

You Are Here is a series of intimate one on one encounters, that gives audience members real choice and transforms the city into a theatrical landscape. You are cast as the lead role. This is your story.


You Are the Hero. You Are Trusted. You Are Here. 


Audience Feedback

My journey felt like...

"A reminder that although I am only a single of many others I am a cumulative whole of only my own past made up by many others." 

            "A totally original experience. Real life Truman Show."

"Refreshing, eye opening to the world around me, amazed, interesting. At the end I felt overwhelmed and as if I could go on through life confidently and more aware, with a sense of power."

" I was in a film. Like it was all made for me."

"A reminder to be present. Important and valuable."

"A waking life dream"


YOU ARE HERE trailer.
Directed by Alexander Palmer
Filmed by Stephen Daniels.
Music by Sam Corcoran.
Thanks to Zosh Skowronska, Alice Boulton- Breeze, Kirsty Jackson and Anna Turzynski. 

Created by Alexander Palmer
Voice by Sophie Dumont
Music by Sam Corcoran and Joe Miller


Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, and by Leeds Inspired, part of Leeds City Council