Why Riptide?

 [rɪp-taɪd] noun.

Riptides are hidden, dangerous currents of water that pull you out to sea. A powerful force pulls audience members along, as they journey through our secret spaces and fragmented narratives.

Riptides are unpredictable and can emerge at random locations; it is only when you are in the riptide that you know that it is there. Most of our performances occur in public spaces, passers-by may be oblivious to the fact you are caught in the riptide.

The riptide is the suspense before the performance, it is the audience's journey, it is the force that opens the door, it is the spaces you travel through, it is the unsaid lines, it is the feeling you are left with.

The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones is a series of individual, bespoke performances which take place over a few weeks, across a city.
These durational experiences are pervasive and take place alongside the audience members lives.
In this way your city becomes the backdrop, the members of public become extras to your personalised narrative.